Green Go Digital wireless intercom

Nous disposons de 4 postes sans fils et 2 postes filaires. En plus de ces 6 postes digitaux, nous possédons l’interface pour communiquer avec des intercoms analogiques traditionnels.

• Full duplex, high audio quality, low latency
• 2, 3 and 4 channel operation, selectable
• Select from 32 channel options held in memory

The Green-GO Wireless Beltpack is based on the DECT technology. With the Green-Go Wireless System, 1 antenna can serve 4 beltpacks, and each beltpack can be connected to 4 antennas.

RF coverage, 50m – 300m depending on environment

The Wired Beltpack features a full-colour OLED high-resolution display, providing text information, cue signals, and the functions of the 4 buttons. Powered by PoE

The 1U rack-mounting GGO-Interface is a useful combination of two channels of 
4-wire to 4-wire together with a single channel of 2-wire to 4-wire.

Autre matériel de communication